Florence Lubinus

Speech / Leadership Coach

Florence Lubinus BSc., MSc., MS.

CC, CL Toastmasters

Florence Lubinus is a talented and passionate public speaking trainer for kids. Her primary goal is to help students and children learn the art of effective communication, a much neglected area in children’s education. Simply writing an essay or report and reading, memorizing it, and presenting it in class is a far cry from what true public speaking is. She sincerely believes that children can organize and carefully plot out their speeches to give a natural-sounding and sincere presentation and/or extemporaneous speech.

Florence has been actively teaching and educating children since she was in high school, where she started tutoring. Her skills range from acting, elocution, debating, and public speaking. She has won several awards and recognition in these fields in the US as well as abroad. Her experience ranges from working as a sales consultant to conducting research in the areas of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry to owning a business that is focused on youth enrichment programs.