What we do

In our workshops, participants will learn by watching inspiring videos, participate in engaging discussions, be guided by experienced coaches, play games and conduct activities that are stimulating and exciting. All with the purpose of comprehending the desired skill being taught. Our workshops and classes facilitate learning skills that help our students to: Understand themselves and their abilities to build relationshipsChange their image ie. internal and external perceptionsEmpower themselves to face challenges now, and in the futureDevelop their own self worth, using learnt str...
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About ImageBuilder

Image Builder, originated in response to a need among young teenagers to network and express who they truly feel they are, rather than put up a facade and act ‘the part’, simply to fit in. There has been an overwhelming demand in schools for a program that would allow students to explore their own personality and allow for true friendships and relationships to develop. In our dynamic, activities-filled and meaningful workshops, young people can actively participate in and openly express, how they feel and want to fulfill their dreams. Tools and skills to help them achieve their goals and a...
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Our Vision

Image Builder has a strong commitment to building a new generation of youth that are prepared for the challenges of the real world. As employed and engaged young people,  they will create  a safer, stronger and more secure future for the world. Image Builder’s mission is to develop young charismatic individuals for the future, by tapping into the innate talents and skills they possess, especially during their formative years. Our value based program allows for developing and building self-image, relationships and leadership, entrepreneurship and career skills. We are bringing our...
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